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Precision Glass Company is your full service glass company. We do it all......

        Mirrors, tabletops, replacement windows, shower doors, insulated glass, and storefronts.  


Do you have windows like this is your house? No matter how much you try, you can't get them clean? That is because the inside seal has failed, waisting valueable heat and air conditioning, not to mention how unsightly it is. Also, this build up of water inside the glass, runs down to the bottom and into your house and starts to rot out all the wood underneath where you can not see it. So, repair these before it's too late, and save yourself from costly repairs later on.


We can even replace your entire old windows, with some new, energy efficient, vinly replacement windows, with insulated energy glass, These windows will never rot, and you never have to paint them. They even have tilt in, easy clean windows.


Custom tabletops for anything you can imagine!


This is a custom bathroom vanity, that I designed, and built for a customer. It is very unigue, and would be a great, new, fresh idea for the right home. Let us build one for you too. I bet no one you know has one, because it is a custom design, built by us.


This is one style of "Basco", sliding tub/shower door.  Has built in towel bars on each door.