Precision Glass & Mirror Co.

Shower Door Hardware


This is the typical handle we use, but there are other styles, and colors for hardware. This is one is mounted on 1/2" glass.


This is a close up of the header. A header is not required on many showers, but depending on the individual shower, is a must occasionally. Some people prefer the header, and some do not.


There are two ways to attached the bottom of the glass panels. This one shows the "channel" option, which the glass sits in.


This is the other option to attach the glass panels. It's a glass "clamp", which measures, 1 3/4"  X 1 3/4".


Here is a close up of a few glass "clamps". I have actual hardware samples of these clamps, handles and hinges to show customers when I come measure, and quote each shower.


Here is a close up of "Rain Glass", but the picture does it no justice, because it is a little blurry.


This is a "Butt Hinge", which is what we typically use for a headerless shower. They mount directly to the wall of the shower.


This is a "Pivot Hinge", and which we use with showers with headers, and the mount in the header and on the threshold of the shower. We can also use this same hinge with out the header if the glass is going all the way to the ceiling.