Precision Glass & Mirror Co.

Heavy Shower Doors


Angled Custom Shower.

This shower, and all the pictures here are actual showers installed by Preciaion Glass Co. This was an extremely custom shower that we were asked to do after the contractor could not find anyone else that could do it. See the angled ceiling, and notched cut-out.


Single Shower Door.

   This is a basic, heavy glass door only. Very clean look.   All these heavy doors are available in two glass thicknesses. 3/8" and 1/2" of an inch thick. Either one is very attractive, heavy glass.


Heavy Shower with header.

This shower is considered a frameless, heavy shower door. It does have a "header", along the top edge of the glass.


This is also a frameless shower, but does not have a header along the top edge of glass. Instead, there are glass clamps mounting the glass panels.


Another heavy door, with 1/2" glass, and no "header" on the top.

The door below has  an "Acid Wash" glass.


This is a shower door with pivot hinges, and brushed nickel finish, and "Rain Glass". This glass is a type of obscure glass, with is easier to keep clean. See a close up of this glass on the "Shower Hardware" page.


There are some less expensive, framed, factory, doors, available, they we also provide from, Alumax Bath Systems. They are a good quality door, but not as elaborate as the heavy doors, which seem to be the wave of the future, and add value to you home.

You can see some of these doors on our web page called,

"Other Glass Items"